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Ghana - Economic Management Support Project, the Private Enterprise and Export Development Project, and the Private Sector Adjustment Credit Project (Английский)

The outcomes for all three projects are rated marginally unsatisfactory. Project sustainability of the EMSP is uncertain because skilled staff may not be retained and strong ownership may not be maintained; many components were only partially implemented. The PEED project's sustainability of the limited achievements is uncertain without macroeconomic stability, financial sector reform, and a business environment conducive to private investment and export growth. The sustainability of the PSAC project is uncertain as most state owned enterprises have not passed to private hands, and PSAC's contribution to institutional development was modest. Both World Bank and Borrower performances for all three projects were rated unsatisfactory. The main lessons from these projects were: 1) Capacity building and institutional development need strong program ownership by the Borrower and a careful assessment of the agency's implementation ability; 2) Major policy reforms in fiscal management and in the civil service are more appropriately addressed by changes in institutional initiatives rather than technical assistance for training and studies. Operations involving the financial sector are sensitive to macroeconomic instability and to weak and inexperienced financial institutions and borrowers. The expertise required for privatization transactions should be in place before the process begins so that potential roadblocks such as legal and financial issues can be identified in advance.

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    Доклад об оценке результатов деятельности по проекту

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    Ghana - Economic Management Support Project, the Private Enterprise and Export Development Project, and the Private Sector Adjustment Credit Project

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