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China - Second Shanghai Urban Environment Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 16) : Resettlement plan for DFV Jinshan SW collection subproject (Китайский)

The Second Shanghai Urban Environment Project will help the Government develop a sustainable, globally competitive municipality, and an international economic, trade and shipping center at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta economic region. However, it is foreseen that resettlement will occur - therefore this Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) identifies resettlement issues, and proposes mitigation and compensation as follows. The project design will take into consideration alternatives to minimize socio-economic impacts, and avoid as possible residential areas, and farmland. Based on a census survey, the country's legislation on resettlement, and the Bank's safeguards policy, compensation will be provided as follows. An independent third party will be responsible for monitoring land acquisition and resettlement issues, including compensation to be provided to project affected people. Compensation will be in the form of land replacement or cash compensation, to include loss of land, physical structures, and lost assets - loss of productive trees and crops, and other productive assets, including loss of income due to lost employment. Monitoring criteria will be in place to ensure compliance with the RAP, as will grievance mechanisms should conflict occur.

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