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China - Zhejiang Qiantang River Basin Small Town Environment Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 12) : Pan'an Shenze resettlement plan (Китайский)

The development objective of the Zhejiang Qiantang River Basin Small Town Environment Project for China is to assist Zhejiang province in increasing access to sustainable urban environmental infrastructure in selected cities, districts and towns in the Qiantang river basin. Negative impacts include: the impact of land acquisition or occupation; the impact of house and attachments demolition; loss of income, loss of asset, and loss of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: a) offered support after displacement, for a transition period, based on a reasonable estimate of the time likely to be needed to restore their livelihood and standards of living; b) provided with houses, as required, agricultural sites for which a combination of productive potential, location advantages, and other factors is at least equivalent to the advantages of the old site; c) provided prompt and effective compensation at replacement cost for losses of assets attributable directly to the project; and d) provided assistances (such as moving allowance) during the resettlement and rehabilitation.

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