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Zimbabwe - ZW:HSBC Project (Английский)

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    IEG Review Team

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    Обзор отчета о завершении проекта

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    Zimbabwe - ZW:HSBC Project

  • Ключевые слова

    income-generating activity; income generating activity; physical cultural resources; Management of Natural Resources; income-generating opportunity; risk management system; managing climate change risks; risks of climate change; Internal rate of return; convention on biodiversity; convention to combat desertification; review and implementation support; Natural Resource Management; sustainable land management; theory of change; quality of supervision; climate change resilience; quality at entry; procurement capacity assessment; gross domestic product; sustainability of community; loss of biodiversity; public private partnership; land use pattern; current account deficit; public-private partnership; forest management plan; improved land use; capacity of community; lack of resource; use of vehicles; management of forest; natural resource degradation; natural resource base; cost component; quality of performance; applicable safeguard policies; conservation of biodiversity; term of data; quality of data; analytical and advisory; social and environmental; private sector partner; land use practice; income earning opportunities; climate risk monitoring; change in precipitation; farmer field school; loss of competitiveness; sustainable business activity; land tenure arrangements; normalize difference vegetation; natural resource consumption; law enforcement agencies; quality of evidence; very high frequency; achievement of outcome; forest reserve; sodic soil; land degradation; project costing; fire brigade; procurement delay; community engagement; ecological study; fire management; Carbon sequestration; forest inventories; community capacity; forest degradation; project duration; community livelihoods; community area; ecological assessment; protected area; natural habitat; safeguard policy; ground water; community level; reclamation activities; Forest Conservation; operational structure; mitigation measure; community resource; inclusive growth; livelihood improvement; sustainable use; pilot site; Solar Power; Land Rehabilitation; benefit sharing; arable land; public support; causal relationship; first year; alternative livelihood; integrated assessment; rural population; park ranger; parallel financing; wildlife tourism; livelihood opportunity; restoration efforts; buffer zone; resource mobilization; improve forest; game animal; degraded areas; fire protection; cost-benefit analysis; long-term sustainability; new business; active participation; external shock; wood processing; sustainable income; community consultation; rural district; market linkage; income stream; biodiversity resource; management skill; local stakeholder; soil compaction; targeted outcomes; intended function; Cash Income; value chain; destructive practices; environmental benefit; fuel wood; community drive; qualitative assessment; vetiver grass; shadow price; discount rate; extension period; degraded ecosystem; prevention measures; social assets; brick making; productive function; government institution; gully erosion; participatory approach; land area; minimum tillage; project intervention; domesticated animal; impact monitoring; financial challenge; income generation; species composition; carbon loss; severe drought; environmental condition; remote sensing; annual production; drought risk; management strategy; available evidence; buffalo population; Blue Economy; data gaps; community partnership; forest product; institutional relationship; community mobilization; forest harvest; project datum; alien species; radio communication; regional priority; environmental outcome; long-term commitment; Impact assessments; digital communication; improving management; radio system; buffer area; pool resource; wildlife monitoring; aerial survey; population information; matching fund; capacity strengthening; drought-prone area; diesel power; community participation; fire guard; Water Management; protective gear; outcome targets; forest rangers; direct beneficiaries; entry rate

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