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Draft Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Nigeria Distribution Sector Recovery Program - P172891 (Английский)

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    Program-for-Results Environmental and Social Systems Assessment

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    Draft Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Nigeria Distribution Sector Recovery Program - P172891

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    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Environmental and Social Systems Assessment; Environmental and Social Management System; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; climate co-benefits; form of discrimination against woman; legal and regulatory framework; Enterprise Resource Planning; Occupational health and safety; procedure for land acquisition; poverty head count; Gender-Based Violence; environmental management system; people with disability; land use act; new connections; grievance redress mechanism; distribution line; distribution infrastructure; gender based violence; corporate governance; core principle; electricity distribution company; investments in infrastructure; physical cultural resources; replacement of meter; Finance for Development; direct power purchase; geographic information system; equal opportunity employer; significant adverse impact; town hall meeting; electricity distribution sector; rights of way; letters of appointment; Capital Investments; distribution network; medium voltage; acquisition of land; rights of workers; operation of facility; state forest department; consumption of power; consumption of electricity; collection of bill; procurement review; displacement of people; trade union activity; power sector reform; opportunity for child; loss of income; education and health; safety of worker; Access to Electricity; police and security; resettlement action plan; medium of communication; child right; Rule of Law; high poverty rate; ministries of environment; replacement of equipment; heavy duty vehicle; management of forest; rehabilitation of infrastructure; shareholder loan; social issue; ghg emissions; electricity access; vegetation management; rehabilitation plan; distribution grid; public safety; power transformers; natural habitat; stakeholder consultation; institutional framework

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