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Turkey - Second Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 18) : Reporting form for land acquisition : Kozan HEPP in English (Английский)

The objective of the Second Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project for Turkey is to help increase privately owned and operated energy production from indigenous renewable sources within the market based framework of the Turkish Electricity Market Law, and to enhance demand side energy efficiency. Some of the negative impacts and their mitigation measures are: 1) minimize resettlement and the acquisition of private land; 2) assess the potential economic and social impacts of expropriation/resettlement on affected people; 3) identify categories of affected persons and their respective entitlements; 4) compensate for lost assets at full replacement cost as negotiated or determined by the court, based on expert assessment; 5) compensate informal land users for lost assets and provide assistance in relocating, if needed; and 6) compensate and obtain legal access to expropriated land before starting construction.

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