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China - Xinjiang Turfan Water Conservation Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 8) : Environmental management plan (Английский)

The objective of the Xinjiang Turfan Water Conservation Project for China is to improve regional on-farm water infrastructures and focus on relevant software development, so as to promote sustainable water resources development and utilization and sound economic and social development of Turfan prefecture. Negative measures include: adverse impacts caused by construction wastewater discharge on water quality of nearby water bodies; adverse impacts by dust and exhaust emission on air environment; adverse impacts by construction noises to acoustic environment; adverse environmental impacts by discharge of solid waste; and adverse impacts of construction activities on eco-environment. Mitigation measures include: a) respective treatment measures will be taken against domestic sewage and production wastewater. Only qualified water after treatment can be used for sprinkling and watering green works. No discharge into project concerned water body may be allowed; b) for the impacts of construction noise, the measures as scheduling construction time, limiting travel speed, setting up warning signs, providing noise reduction facilities with equipment will be taken to limit the impacts of the noise to the local residents nearby the construction site; and c) strengthen the management and knowledge dissemination with the construction personnel, guarantee the normal living and production safety of local residents and respect the local people's customs.

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