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Lebanon - Environment and Solid Waste Management Project : environmental impact assessment study (Английский)

The purpose of the environmental assessment is to ensure the projects under consideration are environmentally sound and sustainable, and that possible negative impacts are identified, and mitigation measures to properly address these issues are incorporated into project design. In doing so, several alternatives for achieving the project objectives have been evaluated along with the risks associated with each item. The scope of the study includes an assessment of the physical environment, the biological environment and the socio-cultural environment. The potential impacts of the project identified by the study are: 1) settlement and relocation of population; 2) nuisances; 3) level of pollution; 4) natural habitat; 5) cultural heritage; and 6) traffic. Major findings of the study are: 1) the sanitary landfill was deemed to be the best technology to remedy for the solid waste disposal problem of West Bekaa, since it answers an overall regional problem; 2) the landfill will cause negative impacts in terms of modification of land occupation, noise pollution, odor, and dust; and 3) the effects of composting plants are negligible on the site morphology, the fauna and flora, the climate, the tourist attractions, the archeological sites, and the presence of utilities.

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