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Samoa - Health System Strengthening Program (Английский)

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    Program-for-Results Environmental and Social Systems Assessment

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    Восточная Азия и страны Тихоокеанского региона,

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    Samoa - Health System Strengthening Program

  • Ключевые слова

    district hospital; community and social development; health care facilities; core principle; social impact; health facility; primary health care facilities; rural district hospitals; health care facility; access to health care; Occupational health and safety; access to health service; national parks and reserves; health and safety issue; environmental and social management; Codes of Environmental Practice; community health and safety; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Human Resources for Health; health promotion activity; vulnerable group; Health Care Waste; capacity building plan; health promotion activities; service delivery system; emissions to air; risk to health; positive impact; healthy lifestyle; physical cultural resources; access to treatment; drug supply; compliance with standard; liquid waste management; construction and operation; natural habitat; building construction; disposal of waste; body mass index; hazardous air emissions; primary health facility; health care service; medical waste disposal; wastewater treatment system; infectious disease control; treatment and care; early detection; community engagement; health centre; management of wildlife; risk of disease; critical natural habitats; allocation of resource; landfill for disposal; social and environmental; law and regulation; High Blood Pressure; service delivery chain; personal protective equipment; persistent organic pollutant; land acquisition; waste management regulation; health service provider; provision of advice; government action; management of health; social risk management; primary care physician; reducing environmental impact; child health indicator; health facility level; physical activity programs; diagnosis and treatment; waste disposal option; Social Impact Assessment; ischemic heart disease; capacity of villages; low infant mortality; waste management options; community health center; operation of facility; indigenous minority groups; health promotion campaigns; economic development opportunity; provision of education; rehabilitation of infrastructure; chain of custody; proportion of woman; social issue; rural health; traditional village; disease management; stakeholder engagement; taxation policy; improved health; tracking system; geographic scope; environmental risk; medical facility; health workforce; medical treatment; Social Conflict; social effect; village council; drug list; fund for health; public health; initial screening; wastewater discharge; worker safety; territorial dispute; fragile states; island nations; chronic condition; healthy eating; village woman; risk assessment; school child; natural hazard; Management Systems; health outcome; body parts; domestic waste; Essential Drugs; accountability mechanism; drug management; Cardiovascular Disease; supply planning; disease burden; blood glucose; life expectancy; natural disaster; data reporting; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; social consequence; significant harm; Social Assessment; beneficial use; medical procedures; Health Workers; equipment investment; land owner; population size; construction risk; land donations; corrective action; dangerous material; vulnerable population; clinical guidelines; improve waste; social consideration; social sustainability; waste volume; civil works; sector programs; priority program; local implementer; site management; natural features; pilot program; diagnostic testing; diabetic patients; risk communication; construction waste; restricted access; health prevention; customary landowner; promoting health; monitoring mechanism; natural environment; safeguard specialist; operational practices; chemical waste; toxic pollutant; transitional countries; immunization campaign; rural clinic; laboratory research; radioactive substance; radioactive waste; pressure gauge; heavy metal; laboratory reagents; chemical substance; fly ash; Drug use; pharmaceutical waste; blood products; human tissues; body fluid; infectious waste; broken glass

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