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Evaluation capacity development : experience with institutionalizing monitoring and evaluation systems in five Latin American countries : Desarrollo de la capacidad de evaluacion : experiencia con la institucionalizacion de sistemas de monitoreo y evaluacion en cinco paises latinoamericanos (Испанский)

The objective of this paper is to examine the ways in which a number of Latin American countries have organized their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions, with a view to drawing lessons for the further development of a national M&E system in Brazil. For that purpose, the paper presents a comparative analysis of the M&E systems of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay. The main body of the paper consists of this introduction and five other sections. The next section describes how the M&E function is organized in each of the five countries. Section 3 discusses the M&E systems' origins and objectives. Section 4 outlines their implementation strategies and their subsequent developments. Section 5 provides a brief overview of the systems' legal frameworks. Section 6 contains a comparative characterization of the five countries' approaches to M&E; and Section 7 presents a set of final remarks and suggests a number of lessons to be drawn from these countries' experiences. More detailed reviews of each of the country cases are available from the author on request.

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