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Nigeria - Federal Roads Development Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 12) : Environmental management plan (EMP) for the periodic maintenance of Dingaya - Galambi Rungo road (Английский)

The Federal Roads Development Project for Nigeria seeks to reduce road transport costs along the road links supported by the project, introduce total asset management methods for delivery and management of federal roads, and, plan and facilitate sustainable financing arrangements for the road sector. Despite project benefits, environmental impacts will occur due to new construction, and other works related with project implementation, to this end, this environmental and social management framework (ESMF), evaluated impacts and present mitigation measures in the following areas : soil erosion and contamination; destruction of vegetation and tress; air pollution and vibration disturbance; occupational safety and health of construction workers; sedimentation of road sides water bodies and drains; water quality degradation by waste materials, lubricants, fuels and detergents; damage, fragmentation or total loss of habitat and biodiversity; destruction of vegetation; air quality degradation caused by dust and emissions generated by construction activity, machinery and vehicular traffic; loss of road side community business; disruption of community traditional modes of transport; environmental problems with basic utilities in displaced and resettlement areas; damage to sites, structures and remains of archeological, historical, religion and cultural value; change in natural drainage patterns; promote information campaigns with community members and project affected peoples (PAPs) to keep them informed of all stages of project design and implementation; and finally, Nigeria's legal policies and institutional framework, environmental policy requirements, and the international conventions relatives to the protection of the environment of which Nigeria is a signatory, and the Bank's operational safeguard directives on the environment, natural habitats, forestry, involuntary resettlement, indigenous peoples and cultural property.

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