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Botswana - Integrated Transport Project : Resettlement Plan (Vol. 2) : Addenda to resettlement action plan - package one (Английский)

The development objective of the Integrated Transport project for Botswana is to enhance the efficiency of the transport system by building modern business management capacity and improving the strategic planning aspects of inter-regional and critical transport infrastructure. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: relocation or loss of shelter; loss of assets or access to assets; loss of income sources or means of livelihood; the involuntary restriction of access to legally designated parks and protected areas resulting in adverse impacts on the livelihoods of the displaced persons. In projects involving involuntary restriction of access to legally designated parks or protected areas, the nature of restriction, as well as the type of measures necessary to mitigate adverse is determined with the participation of the displaced persons during the design and implementation of the project. In such cases, the borrower prepares a participatory process framework acceptable to the Bank; involuntary resettlement should be avoided where feasible, or minimized, exploring all viable alternative project designs; where it is not feasible to avoid resettlement, resettlement activities should be conceived and executed as sustainable development programs, providing sufficient investment resources to enable the persons displaced by the project to share in project benefits. Displaced persons must be meaningfully consulted and should have opportunities to participate in planning and implementing resettlement programs; and displaced persons should be assisted in their efforts to improve their livelihoods and standards of living or at least to restore them, in real terms, to pre- displacement levels or levels prevailing prior to the beginning of project implementation, whichever is higher.

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