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HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan (Английский)

Reliable data on HIV prevalence in Afghanistan is sparse. To date, 636 HIV cases have been reported. The HIV epidemic is at an early stage in Afghanistan and is concentrated among high-risk groups, mainly injecting drug users (IDUs) and their partners. Afghanistan's emerging epidemic likely hinges on a combination of injecting drug use and unsafe paid sex. According to the IBBS (integrated biological-behavioral surveillance) 2009 (conducted in three cities i.e. Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-sharif), the HIV prevalence among IDUs was estimated to be between 1-18 percent. Comprehensive integrated biological-behavioral surveillance (IBBS 2009) has been completed among priority populations of injecting drug users, prisoners, female sex workers, and road transport workers. The results of the survey have important implications for Afghanistan's AIDS program. Injecting drug use is the major source of new HIV infections, with transmission highest in Western Afghanistan.

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