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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - COVID-19 Response Additional Financing - P174294 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - COVID-19 Response Additional Financing - P174294

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; small and medium size enterprise; Environmental and Social Management System; Social and Environmental Unit; environmental and social assessment study; community health and safety; gender based violence; Environmental and Social Impact; sustainable management; Social and Environmental Management; construction work; comprehensive environmental management system; environmental and social assessments; health and safety regulation; infrastructure needs; early stages of preparation; rate of poverty reduction; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; effect of climate change; traffic-related accident; Occupational health and safety; coastal protection; storm water drainage; million people; physical cultural resources; healthy working conditions; extreme climate events; adverse environmental impact; people with disability; very young child; medium sized firms; call for bids; exposure to risk; social commitment; loss of livelihood; criteria for selection; small-scale land acquisition; voice and agency; Access to Electricity; intangible cultural heritage; stakeholder engagement; flora and fauna; damage to infrastructure; Social Risk Rating; environmental management activities; risk management procedure; hazardous solid waste; land tenure security; use of water; private sector activity; negative environmental impact; safety of dam; rehabilitation of water; grievance redress mechanism; national environmental law; vulnerability of communities; Public Infrastructure; drainage system; drainage work; natural habitat; informal settlement; land take; involuntary resettlement; environmental risk; land use; labor management; risk assessment; disbursement condition; working capital; vulnerable people; financial intermediaries; natural disaster; construction activities; reconstruction work; stakeholder consultation; drainage channel; Traffic Safety; critical habitat; credit line; Housing reconstruction; excavation equipment; civil works; social assistance; mitigation measure; recovery activity; labor influx; Drainage Rehabilitation; used oil; waste generation; resettlement impacts; climate resilience; social policy; social policies; geographic location; project risk; coastal provinces; Environmental Assessment; coastal resource; environmental implication; vulnerable population; coastal construction; small Works; treatment process; Natural Resources; development phase; resettlement issue; infrastructure component; heavy equipment; Road Accidents; hygienic living; ecosystem service; social output; vulnerable communities; beneficial impact; local legislation; drainage infrastructure; existing dam; physical work; ghg emissions; construction material; housing construction; safety implication; social regulation; fuel spill; coastal livelihoods; contaminated soil; scrap wood; fill material; raw material; vulnerable group; labor condition; direct intervention; camp management; biodiversity value; labor use; climate hazard; flood wall; credit operation; remote area; soil erosion; wastewater discharge; community safety; public building; municipal council; engineering design; community level; slum resident; emergency response; emergency works; national regulation; Business Continuity; protection equipment; construction area; health challenge; fair wages; child labor; general assessment; social implications; urbanized area; native vegetation; industrial activity; economic hardship; labor legislation; air emission; commercial bank; recovery effort; safety considerations; government building; safety legislation; public water; flood evacuation; remote location; damaged house; core infrastructure; coastal plain; rural area; physical characteristic; high poverty; recent years; food insecurity; Social Protection; annual precipitation; Financial Sector; long-term impact; nutritional deficit; Population Displacement; living condition; sanitation infrastructure; Child Marriage; Public Services; water quality; coastal area; flood plai

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