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Argentina - AR Metropolitan Areas Urban Transport (Английский)

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    IEG Review Team

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    Обзор отчета о завершении проекта

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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    Argentina - AR Metropolitan Areas Urban Transport

  • Ключевые слова

    Urban Transport Planning; environmental and social management; Economic Internal Rate of Return; Environmental and Social Management Plan; transit-oriented development; public transport access; public transport operating cost; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Environmental and Social Impact; urban transport infrastructure; cost of travel; travel time saving; public transport network; theory of change; public transportation mode; urban transport sector; vehicle operating cost; cost benefit analysis; value of time; quality of supervision; road safety measure; metropolitan transport authority; public transport demand; data collection activity; urban mobility study; teacher training program; public transport mode; transfer station; net present value; term of data; public transport passenger; primary school student; road safety improvement; number of passengers; public transport trip; bus rapid transit; primarily due; storm water drainage; community health center; public transport infrastructure; people with disability; terms of performance; health care facility; health care facilities; urban transport coordination; infrastructure and services; reduction in travel; public transport integration; public transport travel; bus sector reform; average travel speed; quality at entry; international good practice; intellectual property rights; social and environmental; metropolitan rail service; Resettlement Policy Framework; fare integration system; physical cultural resources; transport policy measure; learning by doing; urban transport management; urban transport system; civil works; medium-size city; metropolitan area; bike lane; train station; results framework; intermediate indicator; transport model; involuntary resettlement; capacity strengthening; bid price; planning capacity; project costing; intermediate outcome; project intervention; rural transportation infrastructure; travel pattern; bus fleet; municipal government; bus service; project indicator; household survey; political parties; bus stop; political party; city official; discount rate; private vehicle; international standard; bus line; rail crossing; subway line; metropolitan planning; forensic audit; limited capacity; environmental performance; mitigation measure; outcome targets; transportation planning; fiscal constraint; informal vendor; Environmental Assessment; commercial post; safeguard policy; commercial activity; land use; road improvement; resettlement plan; student work; bus lane; feedback mechanism; Safeguard Policies; project studies; project datum; quality rating; bus operator; university staff; transport agency; survey data; government units; zoning law; fund resources; unqualified opinion; bank conduct; overall cost; ongoing work; communication plan; evidence-based policy; investment planning; satisfactory manner; temporary resettlement; transportation intervention; bus route; flood control; working condition; institutional strengthening; public consultation; economic slowdown; satisfactory rating; urban development; sustainable transport; operational efficiency; Bank Policies; subway station; bank's involvement; longer trip; demand elasticity; time horizon; infrastructure maintenance; low risk; autonomous body; previous one; sustainable urban; preparatory work; high inflation; management cost; urban facility; government staff; investment cost; accessibility improvement; poverty index; investment yield; Train Line; sensitivity analysis; public lighting; railway crossing; bicycle use; safety feature; adequate supervision; contract supervision; governance issue; passenger information; new investment; pedestrian walkway; project execution; monitoring data; transfer point; governance challenge; subsidy policy; first year; entry rate; main road; bus station; parking area; project approval; fiduciary framework; social acceptability; bank finance; tariff policy; targeted subsidy; regular meetings; legal arrangement; payment technology; operational expense

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