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Democratic Republic of Congo - Helping the country achieve a double-digit economic growth rate for the next fifteen years (Китайский)

This Results Profile talks about helping Democratic Republic of Congo achieve a double digit economic growth rate for the forthcoming 15 years. The Democratic Republic of Congo was a low income country that has massive potential, but has not been able to translate it into broad-based growth to address high poverty. Its economy is driven by natural resources and was vulnerable to food and financial shocks. The weak management and effectiveness of government resource have made the country more vulnerable to shocks and crises. The International Development Association (IDA) financed program had been quite responsive in trying to address some of the major development challenges, especially in the reestablishment of social services. The World Bank conducted a series of emergency operations to support the post-conflict rehabilitation and provide basic services to the population. IDA supported for an improved business climate through the Private Sector Development and Competitiveness Project and financed two governance operations and its support has led to tangible results and real progress in some of the sectors critical to economic growth and poverty reduction. IDA support was provided to 83 district health centers where more than 1 million households received long lasting insecticide bed nets to attack malaria. In education, through the Emergency Urban and Social Rehabilitation Project, 13.5 million children were benefitted by eliminating parental contributions. In social development, the Social Action Project, improved access of poor communities to social and economic activities and improved the availability of resources at the community level.

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