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Energy audit at TALCO - Tajik Aluminum Company in Tajikistan : energy audit report (Русский)

The World Bank Group has contracted a Consortium of the Norwegian, Ukrainian and Tajik companies, led by Norsk Energi, to perform a plant-wide assessment of energy efficiency options of all major equipment and production lines at TALCO - Tajik Aluminum Company, which is the largest aluminum manufacturing plant in Central Asia, headquartered in Tursun-zade. The project team includes Norsk Energi, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, ESCO Energo Engineering and Tajhydro. The main purpose of the assignment is to quantify energy usage at the site and highlight opportunities or measures for potential energy savings at TALCO. To achieve this, the study methodology comprises the following main tasks: (a) to complete a comprehensive energy audit; (b) to identify energy and, in particular, electric power consumption related to all equipment, processes and sub-processes in the plant; (c) to analyze and recommend opportunities to decrease energy use and costs, as well as estimate the associated investment needs; and (d) identify priorities for energy efficiency improvements in terms of the potential for electricity savings and costs-effectiveness.

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    Solheim, Asbjorn Ragazzon, Raffaele Pedan, Dmitriy Chernov, Evgeniy Kulbachnuy, Pavel Sveinsen, Anders Faschevsky, Sergei Usmanov, Timur

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    Energy audit at TALCO - Tajik Aluminum Company in Tajikistan : energy audit report

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