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West Africa - Abidjan - Lagos Transport Corridor Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Main report (Французский)

This environmental assessment recommends that each of the countries involved in this multi-country, multi-sectoral project to combat HIV/AIDS among transport sector workers and other populations living along the Abidjan-Lagos Transport Corridor, develop an institutional, regulatory, and legislative framework for waste disposal that carries uniform conditions and applications for all. It suggests as well that the countries improve the processes for medical waste management in health facilities at the project site by supplying equipment for collection and storage, constructing incinerators and borrow pits for burning and burying waste, and providing protective clothing to health personnel. Also the population will be sensitized to the dangers posed by contact with medical waste, and health and support personnel as well as patients will receive training. The plan also calls for identifying all the actors, determining their domains for intervention, and designating responsibilities. Contractors will be engaged for waste collection and disposal. Best practices will be identified and followed. A mechanism for formal collaboration, exchanges, and communication between health facilities and other actors in the process will be established.

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    Faye,Mbaye Mbengue

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    Оценка состояния окружающей среды

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    Western Africa,


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    Main report

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    Solid waste management; Institutional framework; Regulatory framework; Legislative framework; Medical wastes; Medical care; Medical centers; Solid waste treatment; Incineration; Coordination; Staff training; Information dissemination; Stakeholder participation; Private sector participation; Traditional technology; Waste disposal in ground; Sewage disposal; Latrines

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