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Bolivia - Second Rural Alliances Project : abbreviated resettlement plan : Marco de la Política de Reasentamiento (Испанский)

The objective of the Second Rural Alliances Project is to improve access to markets for poor rural producers in selected areas of the country through a productive rural model partnership. To achieve this objective, the project will undertake the following activities: (i) promote partnerships between different economic actors at local level; (ii) consolidate the empowerment of farmers through the strengthening of their organizations; (iii) improve access to productive assets and technology, and (iv) promote more responsible service organizations locally. Some subprojects may require land acquisition for alliance purposes. No large-scale, significant or irreversible negative impacts are expected from Project activities given that they are limited in scope and community-based by nature. Same applies to minor associated municipal works such as road or bridge improvement and water provision or irrigation systems that can be financed on demand basis.

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    Marco de la Política de Reasentamiento

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