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Peru - National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project : proposed amendments and restatement of the loan agreement (Английский)

This memorandum seeks to amend and restate the Loan Agreement for the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PRONASAR) for Peru (Loan No. 7142-PE). The amendment includes: (1) modifying the implementation arrangements and changing the executing agency for Component 1 from the National Fund for Cooperation for Development within the Ministry of Women and Social Protection to the Vice Ministry of Sanitation within the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation which currently implements all other project components; (2) modifying procurement arrangements; (3) assigning the unallocated amount of the loan to Components 2 and 4 and reallocating US$2.4 million from Component 1 to Component 2; (4) introducing training as an eligible expenditure; and (5) updating the performance indicators to reflect the changes introduced in the Loan Agreement.

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