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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Rwanda COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173855) (Английский)

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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Rwanda COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173855)

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Impact; Occupational health and safety; legal and regulatory framework; national environmental legislation; community health and safety; Risks and Mitigation Measures; public health measures; health sector policy; decentralization of health service; access to information law; health and safety risk; main port of entry; health and safety issue; Environmental and Social Safeguard; hazardous materials management; rights of indigenous people; health care facility; legislation and regulation; use of force; risk of transmission; point of entry; international good practice; diagnosis and treatment; waste management plan; law and regulation; public health policy; illness and death; waste management equipment; health care facilities; national health care; essential health services; categories of worker; disposal of waste; healthcare waste management; high population density; emergency response action; energy and water; health care service; Health Service Delivery; public health threat; public health service; balance of payment; community at large; institutional capacity assessment; capacity-building measures; adequate disposal facilities; health facility administrators; personal protective equipment; equipment and supply; public health authority; personal hygiene promotion; appropriate mitigation measures; due diligence process; intensive care units; assisted living facility; climate change convention; global public good; construction and operation; social risk management; waste management facilities; use of security; medical waste disposal; protection of workers; stringent social distance; infection control precautions; disaster recovery plan; hours of operation; Health Care Waste; grievance redress mechanism; safe injection practices; planning and design; medical waste management; infectious disease surveillance; adverse social impact; community awareness raising; civil works; medical facility; eligibility criterion; medical supply; district hospital; Natural Resources; Cultural Heritage; disease outbreak; global pandemic; Social Assessment; laboratory biosafety; community engagement; clinical care; laboratory equipment; video conferencing; Digital Solutions; test kit; working condition; medical equipment; land acquisition; healthcare worker; security personnel; quarantine procedure; political commitment; Social Conflict; quarantine facility; laboratory activity; case detection; infectious substance; logistical support; medical laboratories; chemical waste; international convention; risk communication; adequate provision; medical center; confirmed case; rehabilitation activities; Environmental Assessment; financial intermediaries; grievance mechanism; project finance; minimum requirement; contract worker; oxygen source; treatment facilities; risk assessment; land use; regional conventions; national legislation; management requirements; health status; secure environment; need of care; healthy environment; infection prevention; local campaign; climate variability; Mobile Apps; environmental risk; clinical specimen; national radio; biosafety level; human transmission; personnel recruitment; sound management; rational use; home policy; emergency situation; program coordination; operational reviews; operational plan; Resource Efficiency; international traffic; safety requirement; formal restructuring; response activity; gender issue; sexual harassment; high probability; natural habitat; pollution prevention; precautionary principle; irreversible impacts; employment contract; lab facility; exclusion criteria; long-term risk; scientific assessment; work requirement; geographic coverage; ministerial order; diagnostic kit; international environmental; capacity requirements; Conflict Resolution; equipment installation; international cooperation; field visits; primary care; safety construction; public building; clinical management; community participation; green innovation; Efficient Lighting; water saving; labor issue

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