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Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development : Toward the Digital Age (Английский)

Every person has the right to participate fully in their society and economy and to be recognized as a person before the law. Yet, as many as 1 billion people across the world do not have basic proof of identity, which is essential for protecting their rights and enabling access to services and opportunities. Many more have forms of identification that are insecure or untrusted by service providers, or live in countries where identification systems are unsuited for the digital era or fail to safeguard people’s rights and data. Improving the accessibility, quality, and governance of ID systems is therefore critical for inclusive development, including achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on existing international norms, the Principles were first developed and published in 2017 by a group of organizations committed to supporting the development of identification systems that are inclusive, trusted, accountable, and used to enhance people’s lives and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given the quickly evolving nature of the identification sector, the original signatories to the Principles committed to revisiting them to incorporate new perspectives and lessons learned. This second edition released in 2021 reflects inputs from this process and broader public consultations. For the previous edition, please see report No. 157077.

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