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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Cote d'Ivoire Agri-Food Sector Development Project - P171613 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Cote d'Ivoire Agri-Food Sector Development Project - P171613

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment; Environmental and Social Impact; environmental and social assessments; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; sustainable management; irrigation of food crop; regional centers of excellence; Management of Natural Resources; traffic and road safety; food sector; rural road rehabilitation; Social Risk Rating; food value chain; means of production; intangible cultural heritage; food quality control; needs of woman; impact from construction; impacts on biodiversity; dam safety requirement; focus group meeting; food safety standard; energy and water; adverse social impact; agricultural supply chain; loss of areas; sustainable food production; value food crop; appropriate mitigation measures; food crop production; access to land; law and regulation; code of conduct; vulnerable social group; use of chemicals; cultural heritage site; Support for Agriculture; grievance redress mechanism; private sector demand; diffusion of information; construction of infrastructure; use energy; acceptable noise level; implementation of reform; agricultural extension service; risk of accident; access to finance; development of market; food safety aspect; implementation of mitigation; stakeholder engagement; aquaculture activity; air emission; grievance mechanism; effluent discharge; storage facility; international food; working condition; environmental risk; natural habitat; irrigation scheme; immediate vicinity; child labor; fresh vegetable; agricultural producer; social issue; cold storage; commercial farmer; water control; small wetlands; civil works; physical characteristic; private investment; Equal Opportunity; forest ecosystem; marketing infrastructure; risk assessment; Proposed Investment; rural area; quality seed; borrower's commitment; good hygiene; national strategy; telecommunication infrastructure; hygienic practice; dry area; social planning; social behavior; noise impact; liquid waste; social exclusion; market opportunity; riverside community; recovery effort; laboratory facility; public consultation; regulatory requirement; construction activities; public meeting; community liaison; water use; site selection; affected communities; ecological consequence; remote area; labor requirement; grievance management; insufficient information; noise emission; procurement documents; special provision; safety measure; temporary labor; ecosystem function; forced labor; fair treatment; employing child; agricultural sector; general assessment; community meetings; chemical product; geographic area; Job Creation; water reservoir; social consideration; cumulative impact; public hearing; Trade Logistics; negative externality; initial screening; financial environment; project datum; road infrastructure; transportation cost; equatorial climate; involuntary resettlement; protected area; export crop; inland wetlands; land use; acceptable standard; remedial work; safety status; dam specialist; water resource; value addition; land acquisition; value added; monthly reports; project costing; international waterway; agricultural advice; irrigation infrastructure; financial intermediaries; social requirement; financing mechanism; targeted food; national authority; national heritage; precautionary principle; Advisory services; Fish Farm; land clearing; habitat degradation; vegetation loss; hazardous chemical; matching grant; insurance mechanism; electronic processes; social distance; financial inclusion; safe handling; primary beneficiaries; social inclusion; social safeguard; environmental issue; ensuring compliance; national environmental; environmental safeguard; agrochemical use; safeguards compliance; hiv prevalence; surrounding community; biological hazard; Women Empowerment; food processing; safety problem; sexual harassment

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