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Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Quito Metro Line One - P144489 (Английский)

Подробная Информация

  • Автор

    Hoyos Guerrero,Alejandro

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  • Тип документа

    Документ о проекте

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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  • Название документа

    Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Quito Metro Line One - P144489

  • Ключевые слова

    civil works; economic and financial analysis; Internal rate of return; efficiency of public spending; train use; commercial operation; Public Transport; emission of pollutant; fare collection system; passengers per day; net present value; legal structure; loan proceeds; urban mobility; results framework; andean development corporation; achievement of outcome; theory of change; payment of compensation; cost benefit analysis; User satisfaction Survey; integrated transport system; tender bid; cases of violence; exposure to risk; grievance redress mechanism; public transport vehicle; Investment Project Financing; geographic information system; mass transit system; procurement process; second extension; feeder route; power supply; passenger demand; external support; transport service; physical work; internal process; behavioral change; travel restriction; counterpart fund; outcome indicator; rail yard; local regulation; limited capacity; municipal election; business model; safeguard issue; discount rate; developmental impact; financial structure; positive reaction; damaged buildings; management letter; repayment capacity; financial weakness; technical department; resettlement compensation; process use; pending payment; public company; competitive selection; private property; legal regime; learning curve; construction work; metro line; local university; insurance companies; technical inspection; urban development; Public Transportation; vehicle fleet; ghg emissions; passenger capacity; rolling stock; bus fleet; archaeological assets; demand model; sensitivity analysis; Technology Transfer; urban transport; tariff integration; distribution formula; communication strategy; engineering design; evaluation study; financial viability; vehicle occupancy; clear definition; technical committee; exclusive responsibility; intermediate outcome; outcome targets; transit service; transport demand; capacity restriction; future demand; daily ridership; intermediate indicator; municipal institution; public perception; extension period; contract structure; demand forecast; travel choice; demand growth; conservative assumption; evaluation period; Consulting services; fiscal capacities; bus system; imported inputs; Public Services; overall cost; financing instrument; national health; rail car; contract implementation; train driver; necessary support; Disaster Risk; dump site; natural capital; counterpart funding; global pandemic; fuel contamination; own fund

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