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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862) (Английский)

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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

  • Том


  • Страна

    Йемен, Йеменская Республика

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

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  • Название документа

    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Yemen COVID-19 Response Project (P173862)

  • Ключевые слова

    united nations framework convention on climate change; ozone layer depletion and climate change; Gender-Based Violence; Environmental and Social Management Plan; legal and regulatory framework; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Occupational health and safety; occupational safety and health; Infection Prevention and Control; conservation of natural resources; health and safety issue; Environment and Natural Resources; law; law of the sea; standard operating procedure; Internally Displaced People; organizational structure; health and safety risk; access to health care; united nations general assembly; national environmental action plan; gender based violence; Below the Poverty Line; health care facilities; million people; waste management facilities; access to care; essential health services; Health Care Waste; grievance mechanism; health facility; sexual harassment; position of women; Access to Education; people with disability; forms of gender; children under age; community health worker; personal protective equipment; salary and pension; safe drinking water; assisted living facility; drop in remittance; significant adverse impact; control of pollution; intensive care units; management of hospital; health care service; case fatality rate; national health care; source of energy; high risk area; adverse social impact; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; multilateral environmental agreement; materials and chemicals; convention on biodiversity; conditions of employment; convention on wetland; local health authorities; ambient air quality; use of force; community at large; potable water quality; planning and design; healthcare waste management; point of entry; principle of proportionality; economic development plan; accident prevention training; opportunity for woman; stakeholder management; access to information; prohibiting child labor; illness and death; potentials for community; global environmental concern; mitigation measure; public health; healthcare worker; security personnel; case management; public consultation; working condition; security risk; procurement documents; vulnerable group; civil works; land acquisition; confirmed case; international environmental; treatment facilities; community level; work environment; chemical waste; Infectious Disease; international regulation; Health Workers; hazardous work; reporting system; environmental issue; medical equipment; Elderly People; medical supply; service availability; movement restriction; risk communication; community engagement; environment protection; adequate treatment; health resource; stakeholder engagement; future outbreaks; national laboratory; pollution prevention; Public Services

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