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Togo - Cocoa-Coffee Development Project : Togo - Projet de Developpement du Cacao et du Cafe (Французский)

This Cocoa-Coffee Development Project for Togo consists of: (a) planting and maintenance of 4,400 ha of cocoa and 4,000 of coffee; (b) strengthening of the SRCC (Societe Nationale pour la Renovation et le Developpement de la Cacaoyere et de la Cafeiere Togolaises - National Cocoa and Coffee Development Agency) and CNCA (Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole - National Agricultural Credit Agency), the project's executing agencies; (c) applied cocoa and coffee research; (d) construction and rehabilitation of 50 and 110 km of feeder roads, respectively, in the project area. These roads would also be maintained during the project's development period; and (e) studies - (i) to evaluate the project and prepare, if justified, a follow-up operation, and (ii) to develop appropriate administrative and lending procedures for the CNCA.

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