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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment - P174417 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment - P174417

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    Social Protection; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Gross National Income Per Capita; informal sector employment; sustainable management; Solid Waste Management; effect of climate change; Below the Poverty Line; living in poverty; gender-based discrimination; female labor force participation; monitoring and evaluation mechanism; street sweeping and cleaning; temporary employment; high risk activities; income earning opportunities; customs and traditions; urban informal sector; lack of transparency; million people; Insect borne diseases; vulnerability of woman; access to technology; technology and resources; social protection system; care of sibling; flow of information; temporary employment opportunities; Social Risk Rating; direct financial support; case management system; development of communication; opportunity for woman; basic financial literacy; public work activities; opportunities for youth; potential for harm; source income; terms of use; negative environmental impact; participation among women; life skill training; informal sector worker; source of income; household survey data; cash for work; youth employment; use of technology; people with disability; labor market participation; channels of communication; barrier to woman; small business support; headcount poverty rate; gdp growth rate; extremely poor household; access to training; per capita income; mitigation measure; environmental risk; physical distance; Natural Resources; Cultural Heritage; positive impact; employability development; land use; vulnerable household; food insecurity; social distance; rural area; drainage clearance; land acquisition; stakeholder engagement; economic shock; community workers; flood risk; public authority; Job Creation; public building; water quality; pandemic situation; risk assessment; project finance; Waste Material; gender disparity; living standard; employability training; cultural property; commercial purpose; Social Conflict; project intervention; project risk; vulnerable group; social tension; Gender Gap; surface water; vulnerable worker; gainful employment; Climate Risk; rural worker; supply chain; eligibility criterion; lack experience; improving productivity; lost business; general assessment; employment outcome; target beneficiary; consultation meeting; living condition; vulnerable people; mitigation efforts; environmental shock; job opportunity; potential candidate; excessive regulation; autonomous agency; productive employment; poor community; safeguard issue; social stability; employment generation; innovative solution; psychological trauma; food chain; ill health; local elite; environmental aspect; health hazard; green space; community safety; adverse risks; disadvantaged community; family responsibility; differential treatment; social unrest; benefit target; job opportunities; young females; community activity; agriculture sector; employment program; environmental benefit; beach cleaning; environmental problem; sanitation facility; raise awareness; solar panel; disposed waste; disposal site; public space; marine life; community engagement; environmental health; development grants; business skill; involuntary resettlement; finance activity; environmental concern; conducting business; time management; Reproductive Health; awareness raising; emergency response; institutional partner; disciplinary action; physical vulnerability; best practice; loan proceeds; project plan; permitted facility; young people; national regulation; informal business; consumption need; project datum; institutional framework; financing instrument; skill development; travel restriction; Public Transport; project costing; national economy; financial intermediaries; rising inflation; food price; public health; equitable sharing; cases recorded; commercial development; informal worker; street selling; labor activity; cultural resource; educational service; protective equipment; metropolitan region; sea level; coastal land; operational leve

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