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Review of public expenditure work (Английский)

The Bank's involvement in public expenditure (PE) supports policy dialogue with governments, and provides a framework for its lending program and aid coordination. Areas for capacity building are identified within public expenditure work, and a variety of forms, from comprehensive reviews to short notes on specific issues, are performed on the subject. But the perception that this work is very costly exists, particularly when cuts in Economic and Sector Work (ESW) resources are substantial. This report reviews previous and ongoing work: first, twenty-one sample PE reports, implemented between 1987-1993; secondly, a series of PE reports on Ghana, dated 1983-94, showing the cumulative impact of repeat exercises. These two sets of findings defined the process, analysis, and impact areas, identifying priority requirements, for further interaction with governments, and the need for an adequate diagnosis. The analysis recognized the need for a macroeconomic framework consistent with that of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In addition, the adequacy of recurrent expenditures, and whether sectoral shares meet the expected objectives/priorities, was questioned as analytical difficulty. While the report failed to assess the impact area adequately, it does specify impacts should be assessed at the country level, suggesting country objectives, when in conjunction with country counterparts, show better results.

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