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International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Board of Governors resolution ; no. 280 : Membership of Romania (Английский)

On November 28, 1972, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Board of Governors adopted resolution number two hundred and eighty. It was resolved that, the terms and conditions upon which Romania shall be admitted to membership in the Bank shall be as follows: (a) Romania shall subscribe to 17 shares of the capital stock of the Bank at the par value of $100,000 per share; (b) Romania shall accept membership in and become a member of the International Monetary Fund; (c) before accepting membership in the Bank, Romania shall pay to the Bank on account of the subscription price of one-half of such shares and with respect to the subscription price of the other one-half of such shares, the 2 percent portion payable in gold or United States dollars and the 18 percent portion payable in the currency of the member shall be left uncalled, as set forth in Resolution No. 129; (d) Romania shall represent to the Bank that it has taken all action necessary to sign and deposit the instrument of acceptance and sign the Articles of this resolution and shall furnish to the Bank such information in respect of such action as the Bank may request; (e) Romania shall become a member of the Bank with a subscription as set forth in this resolution, as of the date when Romania shall have complied with the requirements; and (f) Romania may accept membership in the Bank pursuant to this resolution until March 30, 1973, or by such later date as the Executive Directors may determine.

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