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Renewable Energy Development in China : A 40-Year China-World Bank Partnership (Английский)

China’s remarkable economic growth required dramatic growth of energy consumption and continuous changes in the nation’s energy economy. The World Bank supported the efforts of the Chinese government to develop and revitalize the country’s energy sector to meet the daunting challenges it faced while continuously warning that the unrestrained reliance on coal will lead to unsustainable stress on the local and global environment. This paper focuses on the more than 40-year partnership with the World Bank along China’s long journey to develop a large-scale, efficient, and competitive renewable energy (RE) industry in the country and globally. The remarkable development of RE in China was primarily guided by the multiple Chinese authorities at the national, provincial, and county levels, implemented by the many public and private companies, and fueled by local financing institutions. The paper is structured along the four stages of RE development in China. It highlights the key milestones of this partnership, its achievements, and challenges, detailing World Bank support and main activities that contributed to China’s rise from a lagger to a leader.

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