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Socio-economic differences in health, nutrition, and population : Togo 1998 (Английский)

The report is organized in four parts: Part one, which constitutes the report's core, consists of tables presenting quintile-specific data for each hnp indicator covered from the two most recent DHS surveys available at the time of the report's publication. In each part there are three sets of tables: the first provides quintile-specific information for the total population; the second presents data separately for quintiles of females and males; the third features quintile-specific information presented separately for rural and urban residents. Each of these sets is divided into four sections: one dealing with hnp status, the second with the use of hnp services, the third with hnp-related behavior, and the fourth with other hnp status determinants. Part two provides supplementary technical information designed to help readers understand the data presented in part one. This information deals with such issues as how the covered hnp indicators were defined and how the quintile-specific estimates were derived. Part three presents supporting tables that deal with three of the technical matters covered in part two: the size of the sample for each indicator covered; the standard error for each quintile-specific estimate in the total population; and the items used in constructing the wealth index, along with the weight assigned to each. An additional, fourth part consists of three annexes.

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