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Congo, Democratic Republic of - Transitional support strategy (Английский)

This Transitional Support Strategy (TSS) defines a road map for Bank support to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for 2004 - 2006. It follows an earlier TSS, which was discussed by the Board on July 3 1,2001 (for the period 2001 - 2003), and which provided a strategic framework for the resumption of Bank assistance after almost a decade of suspension. It outlines a proposed program for continued Bank support - to build on the substantial progress made by DRC over the last three years towards peace, political reconciliation, and economic recovery - and to help consolidate and deepen these achievements, within the context of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) process. It was prepared within the context of OP/BP2.30 on "Development Cooperation and Conflict" - with a view to moving towards a formal Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) as soon as conditions allow. Overall, implementation has been very successful. Bank support during the 2001 TSS period has been credited to have made a critical contribution to the political and economic stabilization of the country - and all performance indicators have been reached or exceeded. Key activities/milestones included: (i) clearance of Bank arrears (July 2002); (ii) re-opening of the Kinshasa Country Office (late 2001); (iii) provision of substantial, hands-on policy advice (throughout the period); (iv) approval of five new projects (since July 2001) and their satisfactory implementation; (v) re-engagement of IFC and re-initiation of the dialogue with MIGA; and (vi) preparation and organization of a number of donor meetings and substantial efforts to ensure sound donor coordination. This TSS' strategic elements are four-fold: 1) Security and social stability with a focus on demobilization and reintegration of former combatants; 2) High and shared growth through both advisory services and investment operations, with a focus on: (i) economic management, (ii) infrastructure reconstruction and management, (iii) private sector development, (iv) natural resource management, and (v) rural development; 3) Governance and institutional strengthening through both advisory services and adjustment operations, with a focus on: (i) institutions reunification/decentralization; (ii) institutional strengthening; (iii) judicial reform; and (iv) transparency. 4) Social development through both advisory services and investment operations, with a focus on HIV/AIDS, health, education, water supply, improvements in living conditions in urban centers, and social protection. The TSS proposes a five-fold agenda: (i) managing the existing portfolio; (ii) providing advisory services; (iii) launching new lending operations; (iv) engaging the entire Bank Group; and (v) mobilizing and coordinating donors.

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