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Armenia - Towards integrated water resources management (Английский)

The objective of this paper is to examine the challenges in the water sector faced by Armenia today, and outline options for management and allocation of its water resources in the future, considering the need for a stable, transparent apublic sector management framework and sustainable resource use for long-term private investment and job creation, and for appropriate balances among water uses for domestic, industrial, agriculture, electricity generation, watershed protection, and ecological purposes. The report builds on the recommendations of the Integrated Water Resources Management Planning (IWRMP) Study, which was supported by the World Bank, financed by the Government of Netherlands, and completed in 2001. The report also builds on experience with project implementation to date in water-related sectors. The report suggests that a water management strategy that focuses on rehabilitation and reduction of water losses, and balances for drinking, irrigation, hydropower, and environmental use is likely to have the highest welfare gains. Further, a strategy that uses economic instruments to manage demand, and increases private sector participation and local stakeholder responsibility for system operation, with the public sector maintaining a key role in overall water resources management, will help improve the efficiency of water use.

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