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Final Benefit Sharing Plan : ER Program Atiala-Atsinanana (Английский)

The Atiala-Atsinanana emission reduction program (AA-ERP) is a jurisdictional reducing emission from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) program pioneering jurisdictional results-based payments for ERs in Madagascar. The AA-ERP area is crucial for Madagascar’s biological diversity conservation, as it includes a bastion of habitat for threatened plant and animal species of global importance with a very high level of endemism. The AA-ERP aims to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in its area by 16 percent on average against the reference level in the first 2.5 years of program implementation and by 39 percent in the following 3 years. The benefit sharing plan clarifies how generated carbon benefits will be distributed among the beneficiaries enabling the AA-ERP to achieve its objectives. This document describes the benefit sharing mechanism including: (a) types of benefits and beneficiaries; (b) criteria: conditions, percentages, and calculations for sharing of benefits; and (c) process: planning of activities and the decision rules for sharing of benefits.

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