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Gabon - Access to Basic Services in Rural Areas and Capacity Building Project : resettlement plan : Cadre de politique de réinstallation (CPR) (Французский)

The objective of the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPC) of the Access to Basic Services in Rural Areas and Capacity Building Project of Gabon is to describe the objectives, principles and procedures governing the acquisition of land for the establishment of infrastructures of public utility. The CPR clarifies the rules applicable to the identification of persons who are likely to be affected by the implementation of project activities. The CPR also includes analysis of the economic and social consequences resulting from the implementation of project activities that may lead to the removal of land from populations, especially the most vulnerable. The opening of excavations for the construction / rehabilitation of energy and could result, in some areas, in loss of land, degradation of infrastructure or a disruption of socio-economic activities along the streets of cross villages or roads that serve villages along the national highway. The main impacts are: loss of crops with degradation of fields / plantations agricultural products; loss of fruit trees or shade; disruption of socio-economic activities, losses of shelters, etc.

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