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Vietnam - Danang Sustainable City Development Project (SCDP) : resettlement plan : Main report (Английский)

The Danang Sustainable City Development Project (SCDP) for Vietnam aims to help Danang become a more sustainable city that benefits all citizens by improving urban environment and increasing urban mobility in a clean, safe, inclusive, and energy efficient manner. The project negative impacts and their mitigation measures include: (1) minimize the impact of land acquisition on other assets and the resettlement of people; (2) all Displaced Persons (DPs) who live, work, do business or farm in bridge and road right of ways at the time of the survey will be provided with full economic recovery measures to improve, or at least maintain, their living standard and ability to generate income at the same level as before the Project implementation; (3) rehabilitation measures including: (i) compensation at the replacement cost without considering depreciation or materials that may possibly be re-used to construct new houses and other structures; (ii) agricultural land will be compensated by cash at the replacement cost; (iii) residential land will be compensated by cash at the replacement cost; households and individuals whose land is acquired totally or the remaining area after being acquired is not enough to live, if there are demands, will be allocated for resettlement; iv) transportation costs, allowances, and support; (4) the replacement land for residential and agricultural land should be acceptable to the DPs and as close to the Project acquired land as possible; (5) moving time for resettlement should be minimized and allowances and support for DPs must be made one month before the scheduled commencement date for the project's work in each area; and (6) land acquisition, compensation and support should be planned with the participation of DPs to minimize disturbance. Benefits must be provided to DPs before the scheduled commencement of the work in each project area, and the available public services must be maintained or improved.

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