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Swaziland Sitakhela Likusasa Impact Evaluation : Standard Operating Procedure 19 - Out of School Intervention (Английский)

The introduction and critical background information relating to the Sitakhela Likusasa Impact evaluation is provided in SOP 0 (Introduction to the Sitakhela Likusasa Impact Evaluation). In 2018, a new incentive has been introduced to the impact evaluation participants in the treatment arm who in 2017, during midline data collection, indicated they were out of school. If these 2017 out-of-school and STU1 participants wish to or has returned to school and STU in 2018, a fee subsidy up to an amount of E2 900 will be made available to them, to contribute towards the payment of their school and STU fees. This new incentive is referred to as OOSY-ii. This SOP serves 2 purposes: (a) to detail the procedures relating to the OOSY-ii fee subsidy and (b) to detail the 2018 school enrolment verification of all other impact evaluation participants.

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    Standard Operating Procedure 19 - Out of School Intervention

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