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Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Grant D762-RY (Английский)

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  • Тип документа

    Соглашение о финансировании

  • Страна

    Йемен, Йеменская Республика

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

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  • Название документа

    Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Grant D762-RY

  • Ключевые слова

    Small and Micro Enterprise Development Unit; climate-related shock; Annual Work Plan and Budget; provisions of law; community health and safety; social and economic development; health and safety risk; Environmental and Social Safeguard; grievance redress mechanism; loss of income; access to asset; access to water; labor intensive work; loss of asset; health and nutrition; degradation of forest; central government entity; purposes of section; Financial Management System; financial management arrangement; community health worker; access to finance; financial management regulation; Investment Project Financing; body of water; violence against child; code of conduct; source of financing; Gender-Based Violence; subsequent withdrawal; payment of wage; Translation & Interpretation; eligibility criterion; operations manual; framework agreement; Indigenous Peoples; collusive practice; cash assistance; temporary suspension; business association; selection criterion; involuntary resettlement; consultancy service; financial intermediaries; agricultural land; procurement method; Cash Transfer; protected area; community asset; small-scale infrastructure; reasonable opportunity; financial statement; Coercive Practice; public official; Procurement Policy; payment method; civil works; quality assessment; approval process; auditing requirements; social standard; engineering study; emergency preparedness; natural habitat; fiduciary obligation; nuclear reactor; financing plan; Financing plans; field activity; management framework; security forces; vehicle operation; budget allocation; standard procurement; preventive measure; sexual harassment; emergency social; supervision cost; equipment maintenance; governance procedure; project operation; fraudulent practice; Sanctionable Practices; written agreement; productive purposes; commercial entity; accountability mechanism; remedial action; administrative instruction; applicable regulation; separate entity; local contractor; written notice; loan guarantee; it infrastructure; data backup; overhead cost; calendar year; social commitment; pollution prevention; Resource Efficiency; working condition; National Institutions; international community; commercial bank; procurement activities; natural disaster; workplace accident; labor-intensive work; serious injury; land acquisition; increased access; temporary employment; land use; Natural Resources; travel allowances; Cultural Heritage; stakeholder engagement; alcoholic beverage; semiprecious stone; financial regulation; connected groundwater; food production; food distribution; accounting standard; ledger account; gold ores; emergency response; aquifer system; grievance mechanism; core functions; affected communities; procurement arrangement; construction material; nutritional need; monetary gold; applicable procurement; guarantee scheme; standard practice; implementing partner; accounting standards

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