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The community based rural development program in Burkina Faso (Английский)

For years, the top-down approach to community-driven development in Burkina Faso has impeded local development. People in rural areas often went lacking because of minor discrepancies in project funding. Recently, the World Bank, the Government of Burkina Faso, and other donors (international fund for agricultural development (IFAD), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and Denmark) partnered in creating the community based rural development program (CBRDP) to give rural people power and authority over their own projects and initiatives. CBRDP empowered one to elect local officials, who were then trained on local development and project management. The technical group worked with and trained village commissions for territory management (CVGT). With the help of the technical group, each CVGT analyzed its own village and produced an official document called the village local development plan. The village local development plan provides a detailed description of the village, its current situation, and describes the types of projects that will be most beneficial to people.

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