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Tanzania - Kidatu Hydroelectric Project (Английский)

The main items in the project are: (a) construction of the first stage of a hydroelectric power complex at Kidatu on the Great Ruaha River, including a dam creating a reservoir and an under-ground generating station with a capacity of 100 MW and with provision for the addition of two more 50 MW units when required; (b) extension by about 15 MW of an existing diesel generating station at Ubungo, near Dar es Salaam, to provide additional power needed before the commissioning of the Kidatu Project; (c) construction of a single circuit 220 KV transmission line from Kidatu to Ubungo and related step-down substation at Ubungo; and (d) consulting services required for implementing the project and to study and make recommendations for dealing with the ecological effects of the project and subsequent stages of development.

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