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Yemen Human Development Survey : Methodological Overview (Английский)

The Yemen Human Development Survey is the first face-to-face based dataset consisting of key development indicators representative of the Internationally Recognized Government (IRG) areas of Yemen since the start of the war. The YHDS visited a sample of 1,681 households, 16 in each of 105 Enumeration Areas (EAs), themselves selected out of the 1,200 EAs visited by the National Yemen Household Budget Survey (HBS) in 2014. The sample is stratified by region, urban/rural location, and displacement status. The YHDS collected data on seventeen distinct modules including: dwelling characteristics health, education, food security, displacement, coping strategies and access to social protection. Some modules were collected at the household level, while others collected detailed information on the individuals of the household. The data quality control was a crucial element of the field work, given the limited ground presence and monitoring.

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    Yemen Human Development Survey : Methodological Overview

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