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Green Bond Impact Report : Financial Year 2021 (Английский)

The recently published report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes climate change as widespread, rapid, and intensifying. It shows that changes already set in motion, such as sea level rise, could be irreversible over hundreds to thousands of years. Stabilizing the climate will require immediate and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change poses a significant risk to business, but climate business is a major economic opportunity that can promote growth, create jobs, and accelerate the transition to low-carbon development. IFC’s research shows that climate business can generate 23 trillion dollars in investment opportunities, create 213 million cumulative jobs, and achieve 4 billion tons of CO2 equivalent reduction in developing countries. These opportunities exist in a wide range of sectors, including climate smart agriculture, urban infrastructure, renewable energy and more. Core to IFC’s Climate Business is assisting our private sector clients to make these opportunities viable through our advisory, investment and blended finance offerings. In addition, we actively work with partners including emerging market governments and public sector bodies to catalyze finance for climate action.

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    Green Bond Impact Report : Financial Year 2021

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