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Georgia: Promoting Digital Transformation through GovTech : A Whole-of-Government Approach (Английский)

Georgia has undergone significant transformations over the past 25 years towards private sector-led, export-driven growth, and greater public sector performance. This has resulted in solid economic growth, averaging five percent per annum from 2005 to 2019. More recently, a move towards the digital economy and GovTech underpinned by the 2015 e-Georgia Strategy has helped to improve service delivery for citizens and the private sector. The World Bank’s South Caucasus analytical and advisory support on Transforming Government Services through Digital Innovations included an assessment of the Georgian case and potential entry-points for future reforms. To do so, it used a customized version of the Digital Government Readiness Assessment (DGRA) methodology. The DGRA analyzes key digital government dimensions and is now being complemented by the GovTech Maturity Index and clients have started to use these contributions to inform the design of their new digital strategy. The assessment found that Georgia integrated digital solutions in service delivery and supported innovation and the use of technology across the economy, expanding digital platforms, digital services, internet access, and building digital skills. A multichannel service delivery approach based on a wide network of physical one-stop-shops and a government portal with over 700 fully transactional services has facilitated an end-to-end customer journey for key services such as online tax filing and business registration.

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    Georgia: Promoting Digital Transformation through GovTech : A Whole-of-Government Approach

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