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Argentina - Matanza-Riachuelo Basin (MRB) Sustainable Development Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Environmental Impact Study for Riachuelo Plant Subfluvial Outfall Operational Stage (Английский)

The main objective of the Matanza-Riachuelo Basin (MRB) Sustainable Development project of Argentina is to improve the environmental quality of the Matanza Riachuelo Basin. The Integral Environmental Sanitation Plan (PISA) establishes these strategic goals: (1) Improve Quality of Life; (2) Recompose the Environment (water, air, soil) and (3) Prevent damage with a reasonable and reasonable degree of prediction. The general objective of the EIA is to ensure an adequate definition and implementation of the Curtidor Industrial Park Project (PIC), through the establishment of management measures that allow the activities to be carried out with the least possible adverse environmental and social impacts while at the same time seeking to achieve the maximization of the benefits associated with the execution of the project. In this context, and as part of compliance with the applicable legislation, it will allow the determination of the environmental suitability for the industrial use of the property selected for the construction of the PIC.

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    Environmental Impact Study for Riachuelo Plant Subfluvial Outfall Operational Stage

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