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Citizen-led Grievance Redress for Road Construction and Urban Infrastructure Upgrades : Experiences from Two Projects in Rwanda (Английский)

This case study examines the grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) put in place for two World Bank financed projects in the Republic of Rwanda: the Feeder Roads Development Project (FRDP) and the Rwanda Urban Development Project (RUDP). Based on consultations and interviews with key informants, such as project-affected parties who submitted complaints to one of the project-level GRMs and members of grievance redress committees, as well as on desk research and data provided by social and safeguards officers of project implementation units and World Bank task teams, section one provides an overview of both projects; section two describes the social accountability framework in which they were implemented; section three explores the way grievances were taken up, investigated, and resolved; section four considers key grievance data; section five assesses the main strengths of the GRMs; section six investigates areas for improvement; and section seven outlines a few conclusions and recommendations for practitioners.

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