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Policy Research Notes

March 2015 - present

Policy Research Notes (PRNs) are prepared under the direction of the World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President for Development Economics. PRNs combine and distill existing and new research to inform discussion on topical policy issues. They are aimed at a broad audience interested in economic policy.


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Slowdown in emerging markets : rough patch or prolonged weakness? (Английский)

Рабочие документы (нумерованная серия) 101741 DEC 01, 2015

Didier Brandao,Tatiana; Kose,Ayhan; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte; Ye,Lei Sandy

Ending extreme poverty and sharing prosperity : progress and policies (Английский)

Рабочие документы (нумерованная серия) 101740 OCT 01, 2015

Vargas Da Cruz,Marcio Jose; Foster,James E.; Quillin,Bryce Ramsey; Schellekens,Philip

The coming U.S. interest rate tightening cycle : smooth sailing or stormy waters? (Английский)

Доклад Совета 100437 SEP 01, 2015

Arteta,Carlos; Kose, M. Ayhan; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte; Stocker,Marc

The great plunge in oil prices : causes, consequences, and policy responses (Английский)

Рабочие документы (нумерованная серия) 94725 MAR 01, 2015

Baffes,John; Kose,Ayhan; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte; Stocker,Marc