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Justice delivered locally : systems, challenges, and innovations in Solomon Islands (Английский)

This report presents the research findings of the Justice Delivered Locally (JDL) initiative of Solomon Islands' Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, which was supported by the World Bank's Justice for the Poor (J4P) program. ... Подробнее +

Рабочие документы 81299 AUG 01, 2013

Allen, Matthew; Dinnen, Sinclair; Evans, Daniel; Monson, Rebecca

Women, state law and land in peri-urban settlements on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands (Английский)

This paper provides a brief overview of the intersection of state and customary laws governing land in peri-urban settlements around Honiara, focusing on their impact upon landowners, particularly women landowners. ... Подробнее +

Краткие сведения 54424 APR 01, 2010

Monson, Rebecca

Progress of economic development in India : memorandum for ninth meeting of India consortium (Английский)

India is seeking the equivalent of $1,100-1,150 million in new pledges of aid from the consortium for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1964, which will be the fourth year of her third five-year plan. ... Подробнее +

Доклад Совета 79862 FEB 14, 1964

Allen, Matthew; Dinnen, Sinclair; Evans, Daniel; Monson, Rebecca