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Scaling up access to electricity : the case of Bangladesh (Английский)

This knowledge note is the second of three case studies that concerns scaling up access to electricity in Africa, Bangladesh, and Rwanda. Since its inception in 2003, Bangladesh's solar home system program has installed about three million electrification systems in rural households, two-thirds of them in the last three years. ... Подробнее +

Краткие сведения 88702 JUN 13, 2014

Elahi,Raihan; Rysankova,Dana; Sadeque,Zubair K.M.; Soni,Ruchi

Understanding the differences between cookstoves (Английский)

The growing interest in clean cooking, with its potential benefits for human health, environmental protection, and climate change, has prompted development specialists to reconsider the quality and performance of cook stoves. ... Подробнее +

Краткие сведения 88058 MAY 15, 2014

Ekouevi,Koffi; Freeman, Kate Kennedy; Soni,Ruchi

Measuring the results of World Bank lending in the energy sector (Английский)

This note is the first report of energy-sector results indicators reflecting the World Bank's broad lending patterns during FY2000-13. To compile it, energy projects back to FY2000 were manually screened for results data comparable with the standardized indicators now used in the Bank's corporate scorecard. ... Подробнее +

Краткие сведения 85376 FEB 27, 2014

Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh; Soni, Ruchi; Portale, Elisa

Unleashing the potential of renewable energy in India (Английский)

India has 150 GW of renewable energy potential, about half in the form of small hydropower, biomass, and wind and half in solar, cogeneration, and waste-to-energy. ... Подробнее +

Анализ влияния энергетики на окружающую среду 62706 JUN 13, 2011

Sargsyan, Gevorg; Bhatia, Mikul; Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh; Raghunathan, Krishnan; Soni, Ruchi